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#TashFormula is a multi-level dance course designed to aid students and teachers alike in understanding dance via musical awareness. It uses simple methods and fundamental keys to establish a connective bridge between the two art forms — music and dance.

* This course is open for enrollment at any time.


In Musicology — Part I, you’ll learn to develop music awareness which will help set a strong foundation for Danceology — Part I.

The Musicology first-course overview consists of 7 Lessons (Blues, Soul, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Funk, Hip Hop & Gospel).

* Participants may choose to start with Danceology, but ultimately will have a better understanding of Street Dance if their movements are informed and grounded through the use of the Musicology – Part 1 Course.

Musicology – Part 1

OVERVIEW & PURPOSE This course aims to create new pathways through music appreciation while empowering students to develop a deeper understanding of the various genres

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Danceology – Part 1

OVERVIEW & PURPOSE This course aims to establish a methodology and pedagogy to help students and teachers understand the main principles of dance. OBJECTIVES *TashFormula

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In Danceology Part I, you will begin to deconstruct and decode the essential elements of dancing using simple and basic exercises that will sustain you on your dance journey and lead you to mastery.

This course has no set end dates. You are free to follow your flow while integrating the knowledge.

The Danceology first-course overview consists of applied basic dance terminology & techniques (Basics, Fundamentals, Foundation, Technique, Detail, Groove, Pocket).


In Methodology — you’ll have access to the “body of work” used to create the #TF curriculum to get you started on your Street Dance teaching path.

The Methodology course overview consists of 6 Lessons (Dance Philosophy, Ecology, Chronology, Etymology, Terminology & Ology).

* #TF Members are invited to consult part of my ongoing research. Bonus: Upload the #TF Manual for Teachers.


OVERVIEW & PURPOSE This course aims to demonstrate the methodology used to assist students and teachers in understanding the research and guiding maps utilized in

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