Danceology – Part 1

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This course aims to establish a methodology and pedagogy to help students and teachers understand the main principles of dance.


  1. Understand basic dance terminology and language relating to music (audio/visual).
  2. Train with #tashformula to help students integrate music and dance (2Ɵ1 ).
  3. Develop methods to aid students in understanding abstract dance concepts and terminology.
  4. Passive and active listening applied to dancing to empower music awareness and creativity. (Explorations & Reflections).
  5. Develop basic/fundamental exercises to inform foundation and technique (Repetition + Muscle Memory).
  6. Demonstrate dance structure by recognizing musical patterns (Shapes + Forms + Connections + Layers).
  7. Free-Form (Freestyle) using the #tashformula principle (Patterns + Variations).

*TashFormula is not a universal model. It was created to share a learning/teaching model for students and teachers.


I have outlined questions and steps in all assessments to check students’ understanding of the material and exercises given. Ex:

  1. Use your notes.
  2. Complete each quiz (not mandatory).
  3. Practice, practice, practice. Send me footage and questions anytime!


  • Play Music Daily
  • Practice Dance Daily
  • Write Down Everything
  • Film Your Progress

* A mirror is great for assessing your form but make a habit of practicing the exercises without mirrors.


  • Good headphones, earphones, or AirPods
  • Journal for note-taking
  • Good speakers if using a sound system.
  • Anything to record/film your progress.
  • Painter's tape

Online Resources Needed:

  1. Whosampled.com
  2. Any music platform (I use Spotify)
  3. Youtube.com 


  • Comfortable Sneakers adapted to your feet. Ex: (not too tight, you should be able to wiggle your toes inside your sneakers.)
  • Comfortable clothing

*Mirrors aren't essential - it's important to train without relying on them.

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