Musicology – Part 1

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This course aims to create new pathways through music appreciation while empowering students to develop a deeper understanding of the various genres that have influenced the way we dance today.



  1. Develop musical awareness. 
  2. Explore musical genres through eras and styles influencing pop culture/Hip Hop.
  3. Passive listening for enjoyment and active listening for reflection.
  4. Understand the lineage and identify artists, songwriters, and composers who contributed their genius to today’s musical landscape.
  5. I am using historical and cultural context to deepen your understanding of dance.

*Hip Hop is now the leading genre in the charts. It was previously held by rock music.


I have outlined questions and steps in all assessments to check students’ understanding of the material and exercises given. Ex:

  1. Use your notes.
  2. Complete each quiz (not mandatory).
  3. You can upload your notes or send me questions.


  • Play Music Daily
  • Visit a record store
  • Check out a LIVE BAND
  • Who Sampled This?
  • Write Down Everything

Course Content

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  • Good headphones, earphones or Airpods
  • Journal for note-taking

Online tools for research:

  • Whosampled.com
  • Spotify 
  • Youtube 
  • Archive.org
  • PBS.org

*By creating an account with archive.org, you can read books online for free. The Wattstax Documentary is also uploaded on their platform.


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