The Path to Street Dance Mastery

Structured Curriculum from First Principles

#TashFormula is about building up mastery of street dance fundamentals with an emphasis on music as the guiding principle that inspired, empowered, and informed popular street dance forms like Hip Hop, Campbellocking, Popping, and many others. 

My goal isn’t to teach you how to follow choreographies but to show you how to solidify your understanding of street dance by sharing basic principles to deconstruct various dance styles using simple building blocks. 

Through connecting Musicology and Danceology, you’ll get an overview of the historical and cultural context driving the street culture, which will help you build an accurate representation of the dances.

To have longevity in dance, you must learn the fundamentals, build your foundation, and find your uniqueness. 

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Proven Methodology

#TashFormula is a synthesis of tried & tested dance methodology and teaching techniques.

Student Testimonials

Fresh, Informative, Creative & Insightful

She connected the social context, the music, and how it impacted the dance. It might be familiar and intuitive, but when she demonstrated it, we understood how it actually gets manifested in the movements.

Tash Formula has a way of explaining and getting me to understand abstract concepts in simple terms and I believe that is the main magic of this platform!

Courses & Learning Path​

#TashFormula is a multi-level dance course designed to aid students, teachers, and organizations in understanding dance via musical awareness.

It uses simple methods and fundamental keys to establish a connective bridge between the two art forms — music and dance.

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