Reclaiming “The Campbellock”

Why The Past Matters

For over four decades, we have used the term “Locking.” Locking is still the standard go-to name internationally, but we must remember to teach with the original name, “The Campbellock.”

I want to share a story with all of you.

A few weeks ago, I sent a message to one of my dear friends and wrote, “Dear Anna” (let’s say her name was Anna,) and like any short message sent via IG, I got a quick reply the next day ( I get a lot of messages, I see them and don’t always reply right away if I am busy doing other things.) When Anna replied, she said, “I’d prefer if you called me Annabelle from here on.” I was so used to calling her Anna that I never considered using her full name. The dance world is filled with aka’s, nicknames, and weird IG handles I can never remember, so it’s already a win when I can remember a name.

It was easy to respect her wishes and be mindful of future conversations. I may forget a few more times, but being aware and conscious is all she asks. Imagine if I resisted and started arguing with her about the fact that everyone, including me, had always called her Anna. How would that make her feel? Why would I play the victim? Why would I resist or argue about a heartfelt and straightforward personal request? Why wouldn’t I want to respect her choice?

Because she owns her name, I would never undermine her, even if I had called her Anna for the last decade. Of course, I know that with every encounter, Annabelle would start rolling off my tongue.

This is the metaphor I wanted to use for this first blog post.

The Courage To Correct

The past has a story told by people who lived it. It is our responsibility to be open to hearing it. Myriads of books have been written that can help you steer your life in the right direction, but there are also myriads of books with false information. It’s the same in the dance world. If you don’t have a direct relationship with those who can tell their stories, why would you go to other people to hear them? If the creator and storyteller are the same, you get the most accurate version of the story, even if it is subjective.

If you don’t know the story, your mission as a student is to find it.

As you’ve often heard, there is no courage without fear. Sometimes, the fear is to admit that you didn’t know or that what you’ve been learning or teaching for the last decade is inaccurate. It isn’t about being wrong; it’s about choosing truth.


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