ter·mi·nol·o·gy /ˌtərməˈnäləjē/ noun Each street dance form has unique terminology and also uses fundamental terms relating to motions present in multiple dance forms, i.e., spin,

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chro·nol·o·gy /krəˈnäləjē/ noun First Draft (Street Dance from The Campbellocking Genealogy Lineage) Here is a draft/example (in progress) of one of my Campbellocking chronology/lineage. The

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et·y·mol·o·gy noun What is etymology? Etymology is the study of words, including how they got their meanings and how words develop throughout history. A good way

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Teaching Philosophy

Your dance philosophy should align with your values and ethics as an artist and an exemplary human. You can learn how to dance but must

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a subject of study; a branch of knowledge. ol·o·gy: word-forming element indicating “branch of knowledge, science,” now the usual form of -logy. Decolonizing music education in

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e·col·o·gy /ēˈkäləjē/ noun When we speak of street dance culture, we also talk of how an ecosystem of people, ideologies, traditions, and passions interact and

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